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G Ode

Submitted by: Matthew Meyer

We were blown away by the professionalism on display here. If the BROOKLYN, SWEDEN contest was merely to find the most radio-friendly modern rock song, this would surely be the winner. The production value! The melody! The camera work! And don't forget about the clever hop from train-to-bus-to-train. Just watch, you'll see.

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Andrew Austin said:

Posted 3 years 4 weeks ago

Great video work, train to a bus is awesome.

Jonathon Nevedal said:

Posted 3 years 4 weeks ago

By far the best of the bunch! Very well done lyrics, music and camera work. I especially liked the little things like the WTF, the Swedish flag on the sleeve and what was that a transformer? Ha! Good stuff.

Vanessa Iiou said:

Posted 3 years 5 weeks ago

Seriously awesome production and best crafted song of all the entries, hands-down! Esp loved W-T-F!!

Matthew Meyer said:

Posted 3 years 5 weeks ago

Thanks Sarah and Alexander for voting and commenting. If you'd like to hear more you can find other songs on Soundcloud - I'm also on Twitter - @synesthetemusic

Matthew Meyer said:

Posted 3 years 5 weeks ago

Thanks Sarah and thanks Alexander - I really appreciate the support and encouraging words. If you'd like to check out some other songs they're on Soundcloud: and I am on Twitter @synesthetemusic

Sarah Thompson said:

Posted 3 years 5 weeks ago

This is awesome!

Alexander Jordan said:

Posted 3 years 5 weeks ago

Nice work, guy who wrote this song. The song I submitted was not chosen as one of the finalists, and therefore I am throwing all my support behind you. I voted for this one and I hope it wins.

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